Throughout my childhood and teenage years, I attended a very small United Methodist Church here in Northeast Texas. Our church was so small that I was one of the only teenagers attending church through my high school years, so I missed the experience of having a youth group with which to grow. My church attendance was almost non-existent throughout my young adult years. Over the course of this last year, God has been working overtime in my family. Since coming to Grace Crossing, I have started spending time in God’s word again. I have come to realize that God is amazing, and His Grace is just so big! Through my children, He brought me home. How cool is that! Since that first visit to Grace Crossing UMC, we have been in church almost every Sunday. When we have had to miss church, we really miss it! We love the music, fellowship, and worship at Grace Crossing. I always feel God’s presence moving in our church during worship!

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