(6th-12th grade)

Our Family Ministries Team partners with parents to help children and students grow in their faith through worship, study, service and relationships. The Crossing Student Ministry is a place where students are welcome to come as they are. Through their involvement in The Crossing, students will grow together in relationship with God and each other. This is accomplished through powerful worship, meaningful discussion, and active involvement in community-based missions.

Sunday Morning:

Our students are encouraged to attend service and sit together. There is a special section reserved for “The Crossing” students in the sanctuary.

Wednesday Night Ministry

Wednesdays from 6-8pm

We meet weekly on Wednesday nights 6-8pm at Grace Crossing. The Crossing’s time together focuses on fostering a true connection with God and each other, through studying scripture, praise and worship, and meaningful prayer. Our Wednesdays always begin with food, fellowship and games. We listen to large group lesson series and then break out into small groups for deeper discussion and ways to apply the lesson to real life. Throughout the year, our students have the opportunity to be involved in special themed Wednesday nights, Church Lock-in, Mini Mystery Rambles, a paintball competition, bon fires, and our very own Tacky Prom!

The Crossing Fundraising? The Crossing Big Events? Mission Mix-Ups?

The Crossing has special big events throughout the year that our Students look forward to!

Tacky Prom– Although the theme for this occasion changes from year to year, there is one thing consistent… All must dress in their tackiest and most hideous clothes they can find! This is a huge party with loud music, inflatables, door prizes, costume awards, and food. All students are encouraged to bring friends (dressed up of course) and we invite other Longview youth groups to join in the fun!

Mystery Ramble– This is a carefully planned and organized trip of mystery that happens every summer in The Crossing. The students don’t know where they are going until they get there!
Crossing Christmas party- Christmas is “kinda a big deal” to The Crossing! We kick off the season with our annual Real Evergreen Camp Fundraiser. Each year, the Crossing has it’s own Christmas Party with great food, fun games, and a white elephant gift exchange (all gifts under $5 extra points for hilarity).

Mission Mix-Ups– Each month, the students of The Crossing, team up with the ladies of Goodness Graces Women’s group to serve in the Longview Community. This is a fantastic opportunity to get to know the people of our church!

Crossing Camp Fundraisers– The Crossing focuses on raising funds to attend UM Army and Lakeview summer camps throughout the year. All students are invited to participate in the scheduled fundraisers. All money raised during fundraisers goes toward reducing participating student’s financial obligation as they gear up to attend the camp of their choice.

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