I “grew” up in the Methodist church. My family and I didn’t attend regularly because my father worked 7 days a week, and he felt that church was a family occasion. We attended on special occasions and VBS during summers. When I became a parent, I wanted to instill church values to my kids, so we began attending Methodist churches regularly until my son had a severe concussion. We stopped attending because of his health, and never went back because we didn’t feel like anyone cared whether we were there or not. My boyfriend and I decided that we wanted to get back into church with our kids. We couldn’t agree on what churches to visit first, so I put various churches’ names in a box and had him draw a church to visit. He drew GCUMC. We visited the church and loved it the first time. We continued visiting for a month to see if it was a “one-time thing” or not. Each week we grew to love the church more. We took our kids, and they loved the church as much as we did. We both feel like God led us to this church.

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