I grew up in the catholic church, religiously attending Sundays and Wednesdays up to my “first communion” and to this day know The Lord’s Prayer and Hail Mary by heart. Ironically, I attended a First Baptist Preschool too. My parents were raised in each of the churches, so my sister and I were as well. It wasn’t until my young adult life that I truly started to study the word. I always believed Jesus was my Savior, but never truly understood what it meant to be Christian. Though I find beauty in the traditions of the catholic & baptist church, my heart gravitated toward other denominations. My husband, Carson and I were married in the United Methodist Church, so that along with finding some amazing friends is what brought us to Grace Crossing. We love this church, and the people here. Every Sunday, we are met with smiling faces, warm hugs, and words of encouragement.

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