“Grace Crossing United Methodist Church exists to help people see God’s grace crossing their lives every day.”

Randy Akin

Growing up in the Baptist Church taught me values. It taught me right from wrong. It taught me faith. When I met my wife, Lynne, in 1980, she and I attended the Methodist Church (she grew up in the Methodist Church) and I have attended the Methodist Church ever since. I would have received the same...

Catherine Harvey

I started going to Grace Crossing this past month. I begged my husband to go. He was a little upset that we were changing churches. I prayed to God to help our family. Then he agreed to go to church. He also got a job promotion which I was praying for....

Taylor Tamez

The sense of community that this church has is so nice and refreshing.The community that we have here is so different than any other church that I have ever been a part of. It's nice to walk in and to feel that you can worship and go on your faith journey in your own way, and the people here will re...

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