“Grace Crossing United Methodist Church exists to help people see God’s grace crossing their lives every day.”

Nicole Smith

We went to a different church in town for several years and struggled with the youth and kid program and we finally decided to leave that as we realized that our kids were not going to get what they needed out of church what they needed. So that is when we started to come to Grace Crossing. I feel ...

Chrissy Marxsen

I grew up in the UMC and FCC (DoC). I was very blessed as a teen to have an involved pastor and his wife. I have wonderful memories from those times. I feel like the Holy Spirit must have lead me here to Grace Crossing. I tried other churches but as I passed by this little church sitting back off th...

Marian Freeman

I grew up in a family of 10. We lived 2 blocks from the Catholic church, where we all attended Catholic school and were very involved in church activities. After my 19 year marriage was over, I began searching for something. I wasn't sure what it was, but something was missing. I attended a few chur...

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